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geoengineering - blocking the sun

Geoengineering: Blocking the Sun

Geoengineering refers to the artificial modification of the earth's climate systems through two primary technologies, solar radiation management (SRM) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR). SRM is a way of controlling global warming by blocking sunlight before it reaches the ground. The most outspoken proponents of this idea are environmental scientists Ken Caldeira of the Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution, Stanford, CA, and David Keith, professor of applied physics at Harvard University. Keith particularly likes it because it is “very cheap”. Watch his TED presentation from September 2007 on Youtube.

Geoengineering, according to the Council on Foreign Relations, in their “Unilateral Geoengineering” workshop in May 2008, is defined as “Any of a variety of strategies, such as injecting light-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, that might be used to modify the earth’s atmosphere-ocean system in an attempt to slow or reverse global warming.” 

Now Global Geoengineering Governance Rules are being developed to control the amount of sunlight reaching the earth (SRM), on a planetary scale. Upper atmospheric releases of sulfates, aluminum oxide and other toxic chemicals are being planned without public consent or oversight. There have been three hearings by the U.S. House of Representatives Science & Technology Committee since November 5,2009 (two in 2010). Testimony has only been from those, for the most part, promoting geoengineering. The Final U.S. House Science & Technology Report was released on October 27, 2010, and is located on their website. 

SRM is being discussed by the U.S. government as a global solution to global warming. It would reflect sunlight away from the earth by hazing the sky with reflective nano-materials (aerosols) that reflect sunlight. The aerosols would be dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds. The first materials that have been considered for this are inorganic forms of sulfur, such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, to create the effect of artificial volcanoes, since eruptions such as Pinatubo blocked sunlight and cooled the Earth for several years.  

But environmentalists have been working for years to prevent inorganic sulfur compounds from getting into the atmosphere, e.g. from coal-burning power plants, as they cause acid rain and deplete the ozone layer.  The reflective materials of choice are now barium, strontium, and aluminum oxide.  The SRM sunblock is being discussed as a possible future necessity if it is not possible to control global warming sufficiently by decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

Although no government in the world has yet admitted it, many people believe this is already being done.  People observing the sky have noticed that jet “contrails” (condensation trails), which used to disappear within a minute, now last for hours, and expand and spread to cover the sky.  The public refers to these as “chemtrails”.  The program appears to have begun around 1997. Now the government is calling it geoengineering (and saying it doesn’t exist yet).

Eventually particles injected into the stratosphere fall to earth and are breathed in, as well as absorbed by plants we eat. The residue has been analyzed by many investigators and found to be high in heavy metals.  Spikes of toxic chemicals like aluminum, barium and strontium are already showing up in drinking water samples across the United States. Aluminum has been implicated for decades as a possible contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease.  Watch the video “What in the World are they Spraying?”  One way of removing the heavy metals they're spraying on us is to take organic sulfur (MSM), which helps detox your body from these toxic substances.

Many people find it hard to believe that the government would be involved in any secret program or experiments that could harm the public.  But by decreasing the amount of sunlight reaching the earth, these programs may cause a decline in agriculture crop production, and make solar panels less effective, not to mention aggravating the worldwide epidemic of vitamin D deficiency. NASA stated 5 years ago that the earth is receiving 20% less sunlight than it did 10 years before. (Fifteen years ago is 1997, when the spraying appears to have started.)  Maybe this explains why some people believe that global warming is not happening, because the spraying is blocking the sun and cooling the atmosphere, but at what cost? So fossil fuel companies can continue to addict us to their polluting oil and coal, and block the sun that could supply all the power we need?

The chemicals used in these programs may also have a negative impact on crops and trees. Aluminum changes soil pH and weakens trees so they can be finished off by insects and fungi.  Rosalind Peterson, of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, documents the decimation of trees around the country. Honey bees and other pollinators are also feeling the heavy negative impact of our escalating experiments. Everyone is encouraged to learn more about these topics, and look up at the sky!

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