Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trebisacce by the Sea 2001

Trebisacce by the Sea    

 by Bonnie Willson Camo      September 9, 2001

I grew up living life through books

Till Goddess blessed me with his looks.

Tall dark straniere swept me away

Shared my life up to this day

Forty two years of woes and joys

(lots of both from raising boys)

My horoscope said I’d live abroad,

(But astrology is rather odd)

Trebisacce by the sea

Now I hear you calling me

Pole beans on bamboo teepees

at Bon-Sante B&B

Brick oven baking tasty loaves

To dip in oil from our olive groves

Solar panels on the roof

Pecorino on the hoof

Blessed be! A man who cooks!

Never even needs cook books

Even sails and catches fish

Serves it up - a tasty dish

With roasted vegetables to savor

Home-grown herbs enhance the flavor.

Trebisacce by the sea

Now I hear you calling me

Ginestre – yellow winter bloom

Takes away all cold and gloom
[note - this was written 2 days before 9-11]

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